Backflow Testing

Why do you need a backflow preventer?

WVI is certified in accordance with the BC Water & Waste Association (BCWAA) to test irrigation backflow preventers throughout Metro Vancouver and all of British Columbia. The primary purpose of a backflow preventer is to prevent the water in your main water supply from flowing in a reverse direction. Most irrigation systems are directly connected to your municipal water supply and in most cases the municipality requires by code a backflow preventer for irrigation systems. Why? The biggest reason is to prevent contaminants or fertilizers from being drawn back into the potable water supply due to backpressure and/or back-siphonage.

Backpressure occurs when the downstream pressure (ex. your irrigation system) is greater than the water supply (ex. city water supply). Feed pumps, boilers, and elevated tanks can cause backpressure.

Back-siphonage is backflow caused by negative pressure in your irrigation or potable water system. A break in a City main line or increased demand due to fire fighting can cause backpressure.

The health and safety to all those connected to the water source are at risk if compliance is not met when it comes to cross connection control. For this reason, backflow testing is strongly recommended and by some cities required on an annual basis.

Prevention of backflow incidents

WVI are members of the BCWAA who issue us annual certificates to ensure competent and collaborative efforts to protect the water sector. The following measures should be taken to prevent the risk of potentially hazardous backflow incidents:

Installing backflow preventers

Often times the consumption of contaminated water goes unnoticed.

Understanding the technology

Each application has unique requirements as far as if a device is to be used, what device is to be used, and how that device is to be used and tested.

Follow cross connection control programs

Each purveyor has programs in place which are to be followed. A municipality might mandate and monitor the proper installation, maintenance and testing of backflow prevention assemblies.

Backflow Testing

WVI adheres to the mandates and requirements put in place by each community.

Who we do backflow testing for?

WVI not only performs backflow testing for irrigation systems, but any other place of residence or business which requires cross connection control. We are certified to test and repair backflow preventers for the following facility types:

Irrigation Systems

Dentist Office


Auto Body Shop


Mining Facility

Hair Salon

Golf Course

Funeral Home

Motel or Hotel

Car Wash


WVI is certified to test backflow assemblies for a variety of residential and commercial premises. One of our experienced team members would be happy to assist you. Give us a call or use our contact form for our backflow testing services.

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