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A Commercial Irrigation Company You Can Count On Year After Year

West Van Irrigation has been trusted by countless commercial property owners and managers throughout Metro and Greater Vancouver for over 25 years. We understand the complexities of large properties, and landscape irrigation systems are no exception. Whether high value properties are private, non-profit, or government run, ensuring the irrigation system is running smoothly not only extends the life of the system, but also protects the landscape and ultimately maintains the visual beauty of a property. 

What Makes Us A Successful Commercial Irrigation Company?

West Van Irrigation is a successful commercial irrigation company serving all of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Below are a few things West Van Irrigation can offer to commercial property managers, strata managers, and ownership boards.   

Solutions That Work For You

At West Van Irrigation we always have our commercial clients best interest in mind when it comes to their irrigation system. With properties that may be exposed to heavier public foot and vehicle traffic, the risk for damage increases. These risks can be minimized by using different products that are more suitable for a given area. Observing and optimizing your watering schedule can also reduce potential for vandalization while increasing the efficiency of your water usage. Have one of our experts discuss possible issues along potential solutions to ensure your commercial irrigation system is operating efficiently.

Simplicity, Efficiency & Reliability

West Van Irrigation is always finding new ways to improve not only in the field, but also in the office. With the proper systems in place, West Van can offer a simple solution to commercial property managers in terms of automated billing and booking. All field technicians work with a virtual office which not only keeps them organized, but also allows them to maintain and expand upon important site details that are accessible to our entire staff. Recent work done and future work required is also documented for each site. Having these systems in place has allowed West Van Irrigation to consistently manage their commercial irrigation customers year after year.

The Right Team For The Job

Having the right people goes a long way in the success of any business. West Van Irrigation is no exception. In understanding this, we have put together a team of professional commercial irrigation service technicians who have the skillset required to service large scale properties. Together with our strong technical abilities, we also possess a know-how that can be communicated effectively to property managers, strata managers, and tenants. With an understanding of several products and the latest in irrigation technology, West Van Irrigation’s techs are well equipped to make smart recommendations while being able to troubleshoot a wide array of commercial irrigation systems.

Full Service Offerings


At West Van Irrigation we offer several services related to commercial landscape sprinkler systems which keep things running smoothly all year round. Services include:

  • Spring Start Up Service: System walkthrough, minor repairs, controller setup, recommendations
  • Mid-Season Check-Up: System walkthrough, controller adjustments
  • Repairs and Upgrades: We service all products makes and models
  • Installation: Design and installation crew all year round
  • Winter Shutdown: Clear water lines for winter to prevent frost damage

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