Drip irrigation applies water right to the roots so not a drop is wasted.
Save 30% on water usage and control watering from your phone/tablet!
Have us install a Rain Sensor on your system.

Water Saving Green Irrigation Solutions

Save Water, Save Money, Keep on the right side for watering restrictions, and water your lawn or garden more efficiently with these innovative green irrigation devices. The Team at West Vancouver Irrigation would be happy to give you a quote to design, install, and maintain these tools to help your garden and lawn stay green all summer while keeping within regulations.

Drip Irrigation Installation

Drip Irrigation

Reduce water use by 70%

Drip irrigation emits water slowly (think a dripping faucet), using tiny holes that are inserted at various points along a hose allowing small quantities of water to trickle slowly into the soil over long periods. 

Why convert to drip irrigation?

1. Conserves water by using approximately 70% less water than conventional sprinkler systems

2. Exempt from watering restrictions, which means they can run during droughts and level 4 watering restrictions.

3. Waters hard to reach areas and avoids blockage caused by overgrowth.

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Remote Irrigation Monitoring

Remote WIFI Monitoring

Adjust to the weather

Remote WIFI Monitoring is a control module that allows you to remotely monitor and control different aspects of the irrigation system from the convenience of a your phone, tablet, or web browser any time, anywhere worldwide.

Why add a WIFI monitor?

1.Conserves water by adjusting your system according to the daily weather.

2. Monitor and control your system remotely, from your smart phone, anywhere in the world.

3. Add a flow sensor to get early notification of any breaks, or leaks in your system (optional).

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Rain Sensor on Roof

Rain Sensors

Prevent over-watering

A rain sensor is connected to the controls of your lawn irrigation system wirelessly or with a direct wire connection. Rain water is collected in a small cup, and when enough water accumulates, the sensor stops your sprinkler system from running.

Why install a rain sensor?

1.Conserves water by automatically turning off your system when it rains, saving you money on the water bill.

2. Prevents over-watering, one of the major causes of nutrient loss and disease damage in plants.

3.Increases the life span of your sprinkler system by preventing unnecessary wear and tear.

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