Repairs and Upgrades

Lawn Sprinkler Repairs and Upgrades

WVI works all year round throughout Metro Vancouver providing lawn sprinkler repairs and upgrades for both our residential and commercial customers. Whether an existing or new customer in need of help, we have a dedicated team of office staff and technicians who are here to help. We understand the importance of making sure your irrigation system is operating efficiently and effectively.

Damage unattended leads to water waste, and in some jurisdictions this translates to an inflated water bill. Poor sprinkler design means the time and money you invested in your garden is negatively impacted resulting in dead plants and frustration. Ensure your sprinkler system is operating efficiently by keeping on top of lawn and garden sprinkler repairs and upgrades.

How WVI Minimizes the Need for Sprinkler Repairs

Poor product selection can be a nightmare resulting in constant repairs year after year. It’s crucial to do your homework when selecting your irrigation contractor and it’s never a good idea to choose a company based on the cheapest price. WVI uses only the best in product selection which has been tested in the field year after year. It starts with design, and a close second is product selection and how it’s installed. Like most things, cutting corners to save on cost never ends well. You can trust WVI will put quality irrigation components in the ground that have proven to stand the test of time.

With that being said, unforeseen things can happen resulting in damage to your irrigation system. Some common causes we see when it comes to requiring irrigation repairs include:

Bad driving

Vehicles damaging heads along driveways, sidewalks and streets.

You missed a Spot!

Improper winterization of your irrigation system can be costly. It can lead to cracked sprinkler heads and fractured irrigation lines.

A rodent that won’t go away!

Vandals kicking off irrigation heads or causing other damage to an irrigation system.

Inexperienced contractors

Poor irrigation design, product selection, and installation can all lead to unnecessary repairs that need doing.

Another rodent that won’t go away

Actual rodents! They will feed on your drip irrigation lines and slice it up with their teeth in the process.

Drinking from a fire hose?

Extreme water pressure can cause serious damage to all irrigation hydraulic components.

Retrofit and Upgrading Your Existing Irrigation System

Over time our clients may decide to change their landscape, add a garden, increase the number of pots or baskets they have, or completely eliminate a section of their system due to an expanded driveway or addition to their home. These service calls keep us busy throughout the year because we specialize in assessing an existing system and providing the best recommendations for your new landscape plans. WVI also upgrades outdated components that have reached their lifespan, as well as incorporating new technologies that hit the market. Either way, our experienced staff can help you no matter what situation you’re. We will provide recommendations to help keep your irrigation system running smoothly and your landscape looking healthy.

Contact WVI if you are in need of irrigation repairs or upgrades. One of our experienced team members would be happy to assist you. Give us a call or use our contact form for lawn sprinkler repairs and irrigation system upgrades.

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