Landscape Lighting Services

No matter what your landscape lighting needs, our professional crew is well equipped to help create, maintain, and repair a unique lighting design most flattering to your home and landscape.


Using a large resource of possible lights, our team has the capability to install your system in an efficient and affordable amount of time. We carry products from a variety of manufactures so we can help you achieve just the look you want.

Our greatest goal has always been to help you discover the hidden beauty of your home and landscape by night.


Whether it be for minor touch ups or a major overhaul, we’re happy to help you get your lighting system working in just the way you want it.

Whether it be for bulb Replacement (we carry those hard to find bulbs), relocating of existing lighting systems now ineffective due to plant growth, adding photocells to existing lights so they automatically turn on at dark, or relocating lighting to better accent your home and landscape details, we are always ready to help.

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