Keep your lawn and garden green and cut down significantly on your water use.

Summer is coming, and so are West Vancouver or North Vancouver water restrictions.

Most homeowners want want to keep their gardens green, save water, and keep within the regulations.  Doing this ensures we make the most of our precious water resource.  Now, two new pieces of irrigation technology can help you do all the above.  You can relax knowing your watering system is running smoothly, and that if anything changes, it will be taken care of.

Connect your Irrigation System to your WiFi & Phone

It seems like everything can be controlled by your phone these days, and your irrigation system is no exception.  The Rain Bird LNG WiFi Module allows you to easily control and access a Rain Bird Irrigation System from anywhere.  

Irrigation Technology from Rainbird to help you save water

This easy, plug-in module can sync with the weather in your neighbourhood so that you don’t use extra water if it is raining and will give you real-time alerts when you need them.   

An easy app interface on your phone gives you straightforward control of your irrigation system and can significantly streamline your irrigation timer set up.  Seasonal adjustments and meeting changing municipal water regulations is easy. 

Flow Sensors – Detect & Address problems faster

Although rare, leaks in your irrigation can be costly, both in wasted water and in property and yard damage. Landscapers, Tree Roots, and other hazards can cause unexpected damage to your irrigation pipes. Flow Sensors and a compatible controller can identify leaks, shut down damaged areas, stop the waste of water, and prevent costly property damage and flooding. The advanced monitoring through the flow sensors can also ensure you don’t overwater. Flow sensors are easy to install in your current system and can also be easily removed for winter to prevent damage.

In some studies, Flow Meters reduced water usage by 35% while keeping lawns and gardens watered to their optimal levels.

At West Van Irrigation & Landscape Lighting we regularly deal with North Shore & Vancouver clients who want the optimal performance and control that the new technology offers.  Whether you are upgrading an older system or installing a new one, our technicians can recommend the latest technology that will keep your yard green, your gardens optimally irrigated.  Irrigation automation will also give you the peace of mind to know you are adhering to any watering restrictions and using water optimally. 

Call West Van Irrigation & Landscape Lighting today to discuss how these tools can help you.