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Summer Tune-Up

Summer is here and it is time to have your irrigation system serviced before it starts to do the hard work.  With your plants in full growth, it is important to have your system checked so it can perform optimally during the hotter months. 

If you do not have our drip irrigation system installed we will recommend the right-above or in-ground drip system so your lawn and garden will get just the right amount of water, ensuring your staying within local watering restrictions and helping you save on your water bill.

We also offer residential and commercial checkups that can be booked in advance. Perhaps you are an absentee owner, have a larger property or manage a commercial one. This will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your system is running and your garden is thriving.

We will ensure your irrigation system is well-maintained and operating efficiently. Additional upgrades can be made to your system to help you conserve water, access your system remotely or automate it’s response based on changes in the weather.

What's Included Your Irrigation Service?

  • Complete a thorough sprinkler system performance check. System Performance Reports are available upon request. 
  • Turn on and check your main connection, controller, and valves to ensure its operational across all zones and functions.
  • Check for visible leaks and repair any line breaks or broken sprinklers, as needed.
  • Re-assess your coverage needs based on plant growth or garden additions and adjust sprinkler heads accordingly.
  • Re-set your timer to a proper seasonal schedule based on the specific horticultural needs of your property.
  • Suggest any further improvements or conservation measures to your system, when and where possible.
Summer Irrigation Service

Customers reviews

"West Van Irrigation is a great company to do business with....they're always responsive and quick to provide service and our plants are always smiling afterwards! Highly recommended!"
Gary A
"Awesome people to work with I have been with their company for many years highly recommend them and price very fair."
George L