Spring Startup

Spring Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance Services


WVI are experts when it comes to spring lawn sprinkler services in Metro Vancouver. A properly maintained irrigation system will have been blown out and turned off at the main water source the winter prior. Coming off the winter months ushers in the spring season when you start thinking about your lawn and garden again. It is certainly on our mind as we get ready to activate, test and fine tune our clients irrigation system so they are ready to operate for the new year.

Our spring service is not simply turning the water back on and leaving it at that. It is important we give your system the attention it needs, and that we understand your plans for your landscape in the upcoming spring and summer months. If you are wondering what is included in our spring startup sprinkler service, keep reading.

Irrigation Spring Service Done Right

WVI relies on years of experience in the irrigation industry along with certifications held through recognized irrigation associations in British Columbia. That coupled with professional customer service and staff who love what they do, you can count on us to provide quality annual spring maintenance for your lawn sprinkler system.

Below are some key tasks we perform while completing our annual irrigation spring service:

Touching Base

Ideally we would have a quick conversation with the homeowner or property manager regarding how the system performed the previous year, and if any landscape changes are planned for the upcoming year.

Get’r Goin

We pressurize your irrigation systems main water line by opening the master valve at the point of connection. We assess for any apparent water leak or faulty solenoid (and mechanical) valves.

One by One

We then diagnose each irrigation zone one at a time ensuring all components including sprays, rotors, and drip lines are operating as designed. Any issues are flagged for addressing once the diagnostic is completed.

It's Go Time!

We assess your irrigation timer to ensure proper function and optimal scheduling for your landscapes watering needs.

Friendly Reminders

At WVI we take pride in designing irrigation systems that consume the lowest amount of water necessary to adequately water your landscape. For this reason we often and always like to remind our clients of the many ways we can help you to reduce over watering.

Report Card

Once the diagnostic is complete, we follow up with making minor repairs at the flagged locations. We quote major repairs and/or recommendations we make which can be completed during a follow up appointment.

What to expect during Spring startup annual service

If we are diagnosing a new clients system for the first time, we will assess the design and coverage of the system. In some cases we may find that certain aspects of your irrigation system were not done either to code, or in adherence to standards set in place by the IIABC. We will inform you of any concerns and do our best to come up with the best solutions to resolve these issues.

For our regular customers who we see each spring, unless outside factors cause sprinkler system damage, changes or repairs typically required are minimal. The most common things we need to address include:

For automatic lawn sprinkler spring maintenance, contact WVI. One of our experienced team members would be happy to assist you. Give us a call or use our contact form for lawn sprinkler spring startup service.

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