Lawn Sprinkler Winterization Service

Sprinkler Winterization Service - Rapid Response Times

Sprinkler winterization service is an important aspect of maintaining the health of an irrigation system. By not blowing out the sprinkler lines and heads, you run the risk of frost damage. In simplest terms, if lines or heads retain water and the frost level penetrates either the lines or heads, the freezing water will expand shattering both pipes and spray and rotor sprinkler heads.

The season’s first frost can come at a moment’s notice, and for this reason West Van Irrigation ensures that their clients systems are winterized before it’s too late. By signing on with WVI’s sprinkler winterization service list, you can trust you won’t be forgotten.

Irrigation Winter Blowouts Done Right

When you have your irrigation system blown out by a certified irrigation technician, you should feel confident that your system will be in good working order with no signs of frost damage the following spring. In some cases irrigation systems are complex by design, and without proper investigation and full understanding of the system, you run the risk of an improperly winterized system.

Backed by decades of combined experience, West Van Irrigation knows what questions to ask, what to look out for, and how to properly clear irrigation components so that any risks of frost damage are eliminated. For this reason WVI provides a full warranty on their sprinkler winterization service. 

Aside from all the sprinkler lines, below are some of the main components of an irrigation system that are winterized.

Sprinkler Winterization Procedure

West Van Irrigation takes all the necessary steps required to properly winterize your sprinkler system. Below gives an overview of what we do when we come to blowout your irrigation system:

Complete a thorough sprinkler system performance check

Draining all water from pipes and associated components

Check your system to ensure that its operational across all zones and functions

Blowing out all pipes, valves, sprinkler heads and associated components with an air compressor

Ensure there are no visible leaks and checking for and documenting repairs needed for next spring

Switching your sprinkler system’s controller to its proper winter setting

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