Why Switch to LED?

There are numerous advantages to installing or upgrading your landscape lighting to our new line of of low voltage LED lights.

Here are just a few key numbers to help show you the benefits.LED Light

  • Average Light Bulb Lifespan

    • Halogen Bulb = 2,000 hours
    • LED Bulb = 50,000 hours
  • Electricity Consumption
    (8 hours nights over 1 year)

    • Halogen Bulb = 35 watts = $7.10
    • LED Bulb = 5 watts = $0.73

If you have any questions about LED vs. Halogen bulbs, we’re always happy to help.

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Standard Line Landscape Lighting

GL 22720 Southern Starfire Spotlights

Our spotlights are great for up lighting trees or plants, or even to shine light over your backyard or driveway. With the ability to fit various intensities of bulb, we can always achieve the right amount of light for the situation.

GL 22525 Well Lights

Well lights work so well that during the day, you might not even know they’re there. This specially designed, in-ground light enables you to have a light in your garden or lawn and not have to worry about tripping over it or having it get run over by the lawn mower.

GL 22710 Algonquin Path Lights

Your family and guests will love the addition of our path lights to help them navigate around your property. Coming in various colours and models, these lights will not only be useful, but also add a very nice aesthetic to your yard.

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Professional Line Landscape Lighting

Hadco works hard to engineer and manufacture superior fixtures that reflect well on their name, as well as everyone who distributes, specifies and installs their products.

They have always taken pride in their top quality engineering and expertise in custom design. That is why we have chosen their lights for our professional line of landscape lighting products that we offer.

BL 5016 Spotlight

“The housing is constructed of double gasketed, die cast marine-grade alloy aluminum for long life. A 360 degree fully adjustable swivel arm allows for precise lighting along with an angled lens for self-cleaning.”

SRL 4 Triangular
CPL 21 Pathlight
MSL 18 Pathlight

MUL 4 Pathlight

“Mushrooms offer classic styling and a graceful appearance making them suitable for most applications. Designed as a spread light, these luminaires produce a uniform light pattern with no objectional glare.”

CUL 7 Pathlight

“Features a spun solid copper roof and copper stem that will enhance any landscape and endure the elements for night beauty.”

UWUL 516 Underwater Light

“Built to last with injection molded fiberglass reinforced Ultem High Performace Polymer, the UWUL516 composite underwater fixture delivers the signature engineering and durable construction of Hadco.”

IL 116 Well Light

“Clear convex, tempered soda-lime glass for high impact resistance. 2,200-pound live-load rated, standard walk-over.”

Accent Lights









Deck Lights

In Ground/Well Lights




Step Lights