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In the meantime, see below some smart ways we can help increase the efficiency of your irrigation system by reducing overwatering.


Smart Irrigation Controllers

Advanced irrigation controllers can reduce over watering by using smart technology that takes into account weather conditions, soil type, sprinkler application rates, temperature, wind, rainfall and evapotranspiration.

Efficient Sprinkler Heads

A sprinkler head is designed to operate at an optimum pressure where the least amount of water is wasted into the atmosphere. In real life conditions this is hard to achieve. With the use of high efficient sprinklers, the internal pressure regulator ensures optimal operating pressure therefore reducing water waste. For sloped areas, an internal seal in the sprinkler head prevents runoff.

Rain Sensors

During rainfall, a rain sensor will automatically suspend watering. After some dry weather, your system will reactivate.

Moisture Sensing

Installed subsurface at a specific depth related to plant or turf type, a moisture sensor will detect moisture levels and suspend or activate a given irrigation zone.

Pressure Regulator

City supply pressure varies for region to region. In some cases it is far too high to safely operate your irrigation system. In such cases, installing a pressure reducer valve at the point of connection will protect all system components to operate as designed.

Drip Irrigation

Converting spray and rotor zones to drip irrigation in shrub and garden areas will dramatically reduce water waste by better targeting the root zone. In some communities it is required to use drip irrigation for shrubs, trees and veggie gardens.

Ask one of our WVI expert technicians the many ways you can reduce overwatering your landscape and efficiently manage your lawn and garden. Give us a call or use our contact form to learn more about our smart watering solutions.

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