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WVI specializes in irrigation installation, sprinkler system design, service and repairs for residential and commercial clients located in Metro Vancouver, BC. Our trained professionals will provide you with a design and plan that will give your landscape the best results. Installing a low maintenance automatic irrigation system will not only add value to your home, but more importantly save water by efficiently watering your lawn and garden areas.

We offer all in-ground and drip irrigation repairs, modifications and expansions, so no matter what condition your system is in, our experienced team has the solution to get your system running efficiently and effectively.

What Makes A Good Irrigation Installation?

The right products with the right know-how and skill will determine whether you get a proper lawn sprinkler design and installation. Believe or not there are many things to consider that most wouldn’t think about. For this reason we not only keep up on the latest certifications under the IIABC, but we also ensure our team learns from our experienced group of journeyman.

Below are just a few things we consider when designing, installing, and scheduling your irrigation system:

More (Micro) climates than you thought.

From shade and sun to slopes and soil types, microclimates require all the attention when considering products to use, developing a design that will work, and scheduling run times that do the trick.

Recognizing your hydrozones

When creating each zone it is important to group areas that have similar watering requirements. This will reduce water waste from overwatering and maintain plant health by avoiding underwatering.

Water needs to come from somewhere

A common problem with inexperienced installers and homeowner do-it-yourselfers is overdesigning their irrigation system. How much and at what pressure your water is being delivered by your local water purveyor will determine how many sprinklers you can run at once. There are however additional factors to consider, but the former is crucial to understand before taking the first steps in irrigation design.

An ever-closing window

With watering restrictions getting tighter and tighter over recent years, we have had to get creative with designing and scheduling our irrigation systems. With the proper product selection and use of advanced irrigation controller technology, getting all watering done in a tight window can be attainable.

Why WVI Should Install Your Irrigation System?

With nearly 20 years of experience WVI has been committed to ongoing training and recertification through the IIABC and BCWWA. Working in various terrains throughout Metro Vancouver has also garnered valuable experience which ensures you are getting the right design for your properties specific needs.

At WVI we stand behind the work and customer service we provide year after year and welcome the opportunity for new irrigation installation projects for both residential and commercial properties.

Contact WVI to get a quote for an in-ground lawn sprinkler system by a certified professional irrigation designer. From design to install, backflow testing to annual maintenance, you can trust us to be your irrigation contractor for years to come. Give us a call or use our contact form for an irrigation system installation quote request.

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